The Freddy Fyffes brand is an iconic Irish brand and one we have proudly worked with for almost 10 years. Sweet! were asked to work on the new website which is aimed towards the little ones. The new website inspires children to eat healthy, do more excercise and get involved in fun activities at home with their family and friends with easy to download colouring pages, experiements and lot’s of video teaching cooking.

Freddy Fyffes Website Design Homepage Logo.

The team at Sweet is more like an extension of our marketing department than an agency; they understand our brand and work with us to get the best results. On top of that, they are a pleasure to deal with; nothing is too big of an ask and they are always willing to go the extra mile.

Emma Hunt Duffy | Fyffes

Freddy Fyffes Website Design Freddy Freddy Fyffes Website Design Exercise Illustrations.

Working with Sweet, I know that I will consistently get strong work, on time and on budget.

Emma Hunt Duffy | Fyffes

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