Echo Water allow businesses to provide superior still or sparkling water to their customers.  As the Echo water is poured, the water is filtered three times which is subtly suggested in the logotype. Sweet! created the Echo brand using a minimal colour pallate as we felt simplicity was key. We created the bottles, opting for a long clear glass which suggests clarity and freshness. The still and sparkling versions of the bottles are differentiated by colour and icons.

Echo branding

We decided to work with Sweet! because having met Aileen and the team, we were assured that they had a very clear understanding of our brief and were confident that with their direction on the project that it would be a success.

Echo full colour bottle design

We work with Sweet! because they are very flexible and excellent in terms of communicating updates and responding quickly to amendments. We are delighted with the final results and the Echo brand is going from strength to strength.

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