Since Sweet created Grá in 2015, the brand has developed and their products have grown. Their identity has always remained consistent but it now has the power to adapt to the packaging required for a specific product. Using colour, textures and typography to create contrast and distinction between their range of products. The end results are both highly distinctive and refreshingly simple.

Grá Logo arrangement for herb packaging.

The success of this brand is attributable to the talent, guile and expertise applied by Sweet! from day one in developing Grá. It has been a pleasure working with them and the Sweet! team.

Vincent Dolan | European Marketing Director, Total Produce


Illustrations for Grá herb packaging.

From the logo, through to the carton design, then the Strawberry crates, the website and ultimately the Bloom stand- having been given just a name they bred life into a very contemporary, fun brand and really Bloom was only the culmination of their efforts. It has been a pleasure working with them and the Sweet! team.

Vincent Dolan | European Marketing Director, Total Produce

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