UNICEF believe that helping children reach their full potential is also investing in the very progress of humanity. Sweet! created an inspirational toolkit which enabled young people to get out there & get noticed on UNICEF Global Days of Action, when the whole world was taking part. The pack was full of fun & creative suggestions to take on the global goals & make change.

Unicef Global Goals Toolkit Logo and elements

Unicef Global Goals Toolkit elements

Sweet! are capable of understanding the needs of different market segments and adapting their approach as such. We have been really impressed but more importantly we have got great results from working with Sweet!

Ruth Craig | UNICEF Ireland

Unicef Global Goals worlds largest lesson.

At UNICEF, we have never failed to be impressed with the work that Sweet do for us – they deliver on time in full and go above and beyond to get the job done. They are patient, customer focused and add creative value to the process along the way.

Ruth Craig | UNICEF Ireland

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