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Uncertain times does not have to mean unimaginative times.

A new look!

Uncertain times does not have to mean unimaginative times! We have been using this opportunity to rethink our brand and how we want to position ourselves.

The new design system is based on the concept “less is more and pink is great.” And if pink is so great then use it as loud as possible! Our new look, shown across the website, social, merch and other touchpoints, aimed to move away from our previous pastel palette and structured design system to a brand that is more fluid and eye-catching.

Where did we start?

Covid-19! Wow, what a game changer… for the way business operates but not for us!

At Sweet! remote working is our bread and butter. We have been transitioning between office to gym/office for many years. So, when the pandemic began we comfortably locked ourselves indoors, knuckled down and utilised the opportunity to get creative with our brand.

We have been fortunate enough to be very busy the past these past few years and as result of that we have put our brand on the back burner. When things got a little quieter, we used it as an opportunity to embark on a whole new refresh that we have craved for so long. Yes, we are still the same old birds (watch it!) but we think we are now cooler than we ever were before.

We are excited for what the future holds for Sweet and can’t wait to take existing and new clients on this journey with us. Alt Text for this image

We think you’re super sweet!

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